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Inspiration Behind Picture Prompts for stories & More

It was only when Sangeeta Bhansali, book curator and owner of Kahani Tree, asked me the question that I set to thinking what made me choose ‘picture prompts’ as Kataba’s first eBook. I always thought it was because I appreciate art and love painting.

As I mulled over the question, I discovered the idea arose because of my association with two favourite books on my bookshelf.

The first book is Pictures tell stories– a Collections for young scholars book (Open court publishing). I bought this colourful pictorial book in a neighbourhood book sale. The bright red cover of this children’s nonfiction with two kids hanging upside down from a wooden table was a great attraction and the title piqued my interest. This book has a collection of paintings by illustrators mostly dead and gone. It also has a couple of unusual photographs. Each picture tells a story. It’s a wonderful book to promote art among children. I wish there were more.

The second book is titled “Look, think and Write.” It was a gift from my sibling who was based in the  US. Written by two American lecturers, Hart Day Leavitt and David A. Sohn, the book is a collection of black and white photographs and paintings to stimulate thinking and improve one’s writing.  Subdivided into twenty chapters, every picture in the book evokes a reaction and a story. Every chapter touches upon different nuances of writing. I continue to use this book to practice my writing every now and then.

Both the books are out of print. Should you ever get a chance to grab it from a second hand store or a yard sale, don’t miss the chance.

Our book, Spark creativity and vocabulary with picture prompts, is different from the above mentioned books not only in terms of content but also the target audience.

Not only are the colourful illustrations in the book created by living illustrators, it also has a user guide by author and academician, Santhini Govindan. Our book has only illustrations on every page and has a wide variety of art styles.

To buy the eBook, Spark Creativity and Vocabulary with Picture Prompts, click any of the links given below.

India: Amazon, Kobo, Scribd

US: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords

UK: Amazon,Kobo

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