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An Author’s Prayer For 2018

 Dear God,
As I begin the New Year I would like to begin with the Hooponopono prayer for my universe of books-Sorry, thank you, forgive me and I love you.

 A big thank you for the year gone by!
Bless the entire lot of book loving children, parents, authors, illustrators, editors, art directors, publishers, distributors, and librarians. Fill them with creativity, love, strength, patience, peace and prosperity.
Help me to find time to write every single day.  Fill my mind with great ideas.   Give me the strength to drive away procrastination and be productive every single day.
Let my books reach the ones who need it to the most .Bless all the children in the world.  Make them all literate and book loving. Make their school and home work less demanding. May they always find time to read and revel in the world of books!
Bless all the parents in the world. May their pockets always be filled with money and heads filled with the awareness and importance of reading books.  Always guide them to bookstores (online and offline) to browse and buy more books.
May publishers have better submission systems with automated messages on the receipt of manuscripts! Bestow all my publishers with tons of money to publish and promote books at the earliest in the best effective manner! Let my royalties grow by leaps and bounds to churn out more books and save for a rainy day.
Bestow me with good editors who help me grow as a writer and always bring out the best in me. Let them always love my characters and story plots. If they reject my manuscript, let them always have the time to give me constructive feedback which helps me improve my writing skills.
May I be bestowed with talented illustrators to bring my ideas to life and make awesome book covers and illustrations!
May the schools always be plush with money to order my books and pay me handsomely for the literacy related sessions in classrooms! Guide me into understanding vital technology related stuff which is complicated and new. Whenever necessary, send a helper to unravel the technical  mysteries.

May sinkholes be ever ready, active and available to swallow writer’s blocks the moment they arise!
Bless me with good health and help me to make a decent living out of writing.
Give me the strength to deal with all the rejections I face. Send me help to deal with all my inadequacies as a writer.
Bless all my book distributors with renewed vigor to promote my books in the best possible manner.
Bless all the librarians. Let my name be imprinted in their minds. May they always find time to browse and buy more books!
May the environment at home always be conducive to my writing! Let laughter and happiness surround me wherever I go! Help me to worry less and write more.
Bless my family. Keep them hale and hearty.    Bestow them with independence. Help them learn new skills and perfect their existing  ones to manage all boring, time consuming household  chores and leave me in peace to make  more time to read, write and research  my books.
Surround me with people who continue to help, inspire and encourage me whenever needed.
Bless all the book stores. May they make more profits by selling books for children and avoid cramming their shelves with mindless toys and games.  Bestow them with low rentals, ideas and space to display and sell more books.
Lastly, bestow me the courage to change the situations I can, accept the changes I can’t control and the wisdom to know the difference.

Happy writing!

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